Creator, The Smart Gypsy

From Walking in High Heels...

Joyce Talag kicks off her shoes to share insights gained from her experience as a solo parent and a working woman.

While in college at the Ateneo de Manila University, Joyce founded Mulieris, a women's organization that held advocacy and outreach projects to increase awareness on women's issues which her 'feminist' father encouraged her to undertake. Her gender and social relations classes with Dr. Liz Uy Eviota, one of the pioneers of the women's rights movement in the Philippines along with her manual labor experience as an 'undercover' sales lady for her Philosophy of the Human Person (Ph102) class opened her eyes to the everyday realities that women have to deal with and prompted her to study the sexual division of labor in the IT industry for her thesis.

This exposure to women's studies inspired Joyce to write about a variety of women's issues in her early to mid-20s—from the mundane, Suffer for Beauty Oh Bitchy One and Meet the Brazilian, to the controversial, Unlocking the Case of the Exand the thought-provoking, Deconstructing Public Opinion: Is Hubert Webb Guilty?

"The Great Chasm" of her late 20s enabled a spiritual awakening that led Joyce to blog about healthy and sustainable living through Green and Well and higher consciousness at Love, Light and Joyce.

Joyce sees her 30s to be an era of living her dreams and fulfilling her life mission to be a woman for others primarily, as a personal empowerment coach and a financial educator. She continues her development sector involvement as an independent consultant for corporate social responsibility and philanthropy, and as a volunteer for various causes.